Design work
The Challenge

As WSP’s creative agency, we are the guardians of the identity they present to the world. We are responsible for their graphic design, videography and animation along with any ad hoc creative needs. We collaborate with WSP in internal and external campaigns, ensuring that their communications to all stakeholders have a consistent tone and appearance.

WSP is a large multinational corporate, and as such any designs must follow strict corporate identity rules and adhere to a global look, while remaining creative, innovative and eye-catching.

Our Approach

Any new campaign always starts with a brainstorm, which allows us to collaborate with WSP’s team in a cohesive and creative way. Each campaign, despite having to remain under the global CI banner, has its own unique look and feel. We ensure that we always work in collaboration with the internal marketing and communications team as well as their PR agency to ensure a cohesive message, presented in a visually striking manner.

The Results

SKY Digital has been entrusted with all aspects of the above for over 5 years, spanning multiple internal and external campaigns. We have assisted in Social media management, designing print and online adverts, capability statements and brochures, staff magazines, video production, emailers and a host more. Our internal communications – spearheaded by WSP’s head of marketing – supported the creation of an entirely new form of employee engagement that is now used throughout the organisation.

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