eCommerce Website and Digital Campaign
The Challenge

As part of Salt Essential IT’s efforts to expand their services into the online and Digital sphere, we were tasked to build an online store featuring all of Salt’s products on offer. This included an integrated quoting and payment system, and required a creative launch to their Namibian audience.

Salt Essential IT is Namibia’s No 1 Digital partner for Microsoft and had a strong established audience Sky Digital was chosen by Microsoft to assist in improving on this audience, to introduce their brand to a new target market and to introduce their new products, all while embracing new technology to modernise their sales channels.

A flagship product – Microsoft 365 – was identified to act as the cornerstone of the new website and online launch. To disseminate the news about the offering, and so the new online store, we created an online advertising campaign which drew from a very emotional topic for Namibians at the time, namely the drought. We drew a parallel between Cloud seeding, and Cloud hosting to lead in to the hook – Make it rain for your business.

Ads were placed on social media platforms and Google Adwords, feeding potential customers to the website and encouraging downloads of the free Microsoft 365 trial.

Our Approach

It all started with a new eCommerce website, which allowed Salt’s new audience to shop for their desired products online and engage directly with Salt’s sales team using email or Instant messaging. To get the news out about the site, it was launched with a focus on one of Salt’s new products – Microsoft 365.

This product was advertised online using a creative social media campaign aimed at tugging the Namibian heartstrings. We used the drought that had been threatening the country to draw a connection between salting clouds – a method of forcing rain – and Salt Essential IT’s solutions.

In order to bolster interaction on our social ads, we ran a social campaign in parallel, keeping Salt’s Facebook and Twitter accounts active and responding to any online queries directed via these channels, while underlining the benefits of Microsoft 365 and introducing followers to Salt’s other products.

The Results

The launch campaign went spectacularly well, with 9 993 web page views in a two-month period. We gained 4 321 users for the platform, which translated into 2 457 downloads of the free trial of Office 365.

Building on the success of the initial launch, we expanded the two-month social campaign into an active online presence, including a regular blog and expansion onto Instagram and Twitter, positioning Salt once again as the No 1 source of IT expertise in Namibia, and helping to bolster their reputation as a brand that cares about their clients.

We managed to grow not only the Microsoft and Salt brand, but also played a key role in assisting Salt to become one of the best performing African partners for Microsoft.

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