Social Media Campaign
The Challenge

Renaissance Health’s social platforms had been stagnant for a time, which meant that their audience was no longer relevant to them. It was our task to breathe new life into Renaissance Health’s social media pages and create a platform which encourages interaction and, ultimately, sales.

Our first challenge was to trim the fat, and then begin to engage the people who were left, and eventually start growing a new relevant audience. We had to do all of this organically, without the support of boosts or advertising.

Our Approach

In order to set up Renaissance Health as a resource for their followers, and to start creating a personality for the brand, we needed to create more engaging content. We needed to balance the fun elements with more informative posts relevant to the audience. We included medical facts, health awareness days, quizzes and the like, peppered with more informational posts which would share Fund information and announcements. Once their Facebook page began to show results, we were able to expand their presence onto Instagram and other channels.

The Results

Their Facebook Page grew by Thousands of organic likes in a few months, and continues to grow exponentially. Reach and engagement have increased dramatically – by as much as 1 000% – while active leads are streaming in via messenger. Their instagram account is also showing great results in a very short period.

Our client is ecstatic and have recently awarded us a multitude of new campaigns that we are currently starting for them.

Covid-19 information and updates are available on the Department of Health’s online resource and news portal: www.sacoronavirus.co.za