Marketing Strategy
The Challenge

One Stop Smoking is an elite solution to stop smoking through the use of hypnosis. The company offers group and individual counselling sessions and delivers excellent results. However, because of the nature of the business, positioning it to ensure engagement from the correct target audience can be a challenge. In fact, creating a digital marketing campaign for a field which is plagued with a myriad of less than satisfactory solutions can be near impossible.

This presented us with a unique challenge. How do we refine the audience, get quality engagement to the clients online presence, and ultimately ensure increased bookings for our client?

Our Approach

The first major obstacle was to convince Google spiders that One Stop Smoking is a legitimate business, not yet another fly-by-night charlatan. We did this by decluttering the site, both code and content, and reverifying Google accounts. Once we had a legitimate platform to feed our sales leads to, we were able to focus on our marketing strategy. We started by redefining the desired audience, then tailoring the look of the business to more high-end clientele. We were after an audience who would research their stop smoking solutions before making a choice, ones who would not just accept the first thing that they came across. With a new look, came a new voice and new content.

We focused on the positive effects of becoming a non-smoker, rather than relying on scare tactics. By using the carrot rather than stick, we were able to start generating quality leads and position One Stop Smoking as a trusted provider with an undertone of support and affirmation.

We combined paid strategies with organic search mechanics, including a robust SEO programme.

The Results

In a 6 month period, we grew the Page audience by 1 000%. When we took over the page, there was a high incidence of trolls, with 10% of all engagements being blocked. By the end of 6 months this number had dwindled to 1%. Engagement grew x 5 from 5 000 to 150 000 in this period.

Our client was ecstatic.

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