Game Development
The Challenge

The client – as a forward thinking company of the future – wants to move into a digital environment where campaigns and competitions can be digitised, where innovation, interaction and engagement with consumers and their children, drive brand awareness, the “cool” factor and a fresh way to collect data, to connect with switched on customers and to “play” with the client’s brand.

Our Approach

A fully customised, branded game – triggered by Zappar – aimed at tweens and built to ensure a consistent flow of feet-in-store. #RocketRacer encouraged customers to spend R30 or more instore, and receive a special code on their till slip, which, once scanned, unlocked 8 weeks of racing games with new cars and new tracks each week. Target audience for the Zappar campaign: AGE 15–24 LSM 7–10 as the primary audience. This campaign’s exposure included in-store marketing material, a TVC and PR in the following media: The Marketing Site, Bizcommunity, Media Update, Asset News Hub, My Newsroom, Engineering News, Fast Moving and Grade Craft. Our Experiential team did store checks with staff training to ensure the activation of the campaign was carried out successfully, creating more sales and connecting more users to a memorable experience of the client’s brand.

The Results

Total number of Zaps: 62 311
Total registered entries: 4 052 valid entries
Average weekly engagements: 7 788
Average dwell time: 2m 50s
Average spend per consumer: Up from R20 to R99.25
Year on year basket size increase: 11%

In terms of ROI, the value brought by dwell time with a customer physically being exposed to and engaging with the brand for just under 3 minutes cannot be compared to a TVC or any other ATL channel. Results proved that RocketRacer zapcodes on till slips
increases basket size, increases consumer engagement, increases the “cool” factor, increases ROI for the brand… and all without the need for traditional marketing methods.

And THAT’S the power of digital marketing.

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